Easy Permanent Hair Removal Methods For You To Choose

Easy Permanent Hair Removal Methods For You To Choose–While having hairs is not a crime, let’s be honest, having them cover your body is not sexy at all. Too much hair can make you feel like a monkey. I used to have hairy legs and arms that I got from my mom’s side of the family (thanks a lot mom!). I just hated how I couldn’t wear those short skirts and shorts.

I would often just wear jeans to cover them. I honestly had issues with my self esteem because of it. At 15, I started to try shaving since it’s easier and more affordable.

Thing is, after a while, the hairs started to grow a bit faster and thicker. I noticed that even when I shave everything, I could still see the tiny black dots of hair under my skin. At those times, my friends started to experiment with waxing. I tried those too! The results where phenomenal! I didn’t have to shave everyday anymore. Waxing made me hairless for months at a time. Waxing served me well for the next 4 years in college.

Easy Permanent Hair Removal Methods For You To Choose

Easy Permanent Hair Removal Methods For You To Choose

Now that I have my own work and could better afford hair removal, I figured I wanted to try easy permanent hair removal methods. I knew it would cost me money but hey?! At least it’s permanent. My logic was that is saved me a ton of money on waxing salons and it saved me a lot of effort and time. Waxing is great but it get’s annoying at times since I have to wear jeans after waxing due to the redness. I also had to clean up the wax strips and wash my legs if I do it at home. An easy permanent hair removal would be such a relief. It was then I started researching about it.

How I Got Into The Easy Permanent Hair Removal Craze:

It started with me reading blogs and reviews about certain permanent easy hair removals online. From what I’ve gathered, the most common procedure is the electrolysis permanent easy hair removal and the laser permanent easy hair removal. Not all people are perfect candidates for both so you really have to check what works best for you. Doing so will save you time, several sessions and a couple of hundreds.

Electrolysis Or Laser Easy Permanent Hair Removal?

Let’s start with the first method or the electrolysis. This method works for those with very light hair and dark skin tones. Electrolysis is often done on those who don’t qualify for lasers today. It will take you longer since electrolysis kills hair follicles one at a time. Lasers work faster compared to electrolysis because it hits a bigger area at one hit.

Laser Permanent Hair Removal

Laser Permanent Hair Removal

The latest and fastest method is the laser easy permanent hair removal. Lasers work to target dark pigments. This is why the best candidates for this procedure are those with light skin tones and dark hair pigments— think Asians. The laser light passes through the patient’s light skin and targets the dark hairs under it. This won’t hurt or burn your skin at all if done properly by a trained professional. The laser light is converted into heat that breaks down the proteins found inside your hair follicle. This destroys your hair follicle. Those with dark skin can still try laser permanent easy hair removal but it will take them more sessions to finish compared to those who are very qualified. It’s very important that you return on the said date instructed to your by your technician. Laser hair removal works best if the hairs are targeted on its growing phase (anagen stage).

Luckily, I happen to fall on the light skin with dark hair category so I’m a good candidate for laser. I had 3 sessions done now. I had my lower legs done. You have to know that prices are steep and it varies from clinic to clinic. Make sure that your clinic has a competent staff with a newer model machine. The old ones hurt more than the recent models. During the procedure, expect some tolerable pain.

It’s like a mild electric shock that’s gone before you finished saying “ouch!” If you have a low tolerance to pain, try to take pain killer medication 30 minutes prior to the procedure. After the laser easy permanent hair removal, keep in mind not to get the area wet for the next 6 to 8 hours. The hairs will start to fall off in about 10 days. Don’t pluck or tamper with it! Instead, use a gentle scrub or wet towel to exfoliate. Keep the area ways from the sun in between sessions. Usually, sessions are scheduled at 4 to 6 weeks interval or depending on your area. Facial laser hair removal often has shorter intervals since hair grows faster there due to rich blood supply.

Laser easy permanent hair removals are not cheap. It’s wise to buy them by package. Some clinics have promos like pay for 4 and get 1 session for free. Ask for installment plans and easy payment options. Most clinics have those to make your experience pleasurable.

Don’t go for those super cheap clinics that look “off”. You might be paying less but the effects might not last long. Remember, this is an investment so invest wisely on your doctor. To test if the clinic has great machines, ask the technician if she or he has tried laser easy permanent hair removal and ask to see the area yourself. The technicians often try the procedure themselves before performing them on others. Reading online reviews will help you pick the right clinic too!

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