Women Solutions for Hair Loss.

Women Solutions for Hair Loss–Both men and women who suffer from hair loss have several different options that they can look to in order to fix their condition.  They will generally have a choice between chemical treatments, artificial hair treatments, or hair transplant surgery.  There are benefits to each one of these options and so it is imperative that you research each suggestion in order to choose the best solution for you.

Drug RemediesProvillus are the FDA approved treatment for hair loss.  This product can help to slow the thinning of your hair and it helps to increase the hair coverage on your scalp. Provillus is known to stop the production of DHT which is known to shrink your hair follicles and is known to stimulate your hair follicles.  The only detriment to Provillus is that you have to continuously use them or else all of your hair growth progress will be lost.  This can prove to be a tedious and expensive venture for many people.

Women Solutions for Hair Loss

Women Solutions for Hair Loss

Wigs and Weaves

Rather than treating your scalp with chemicals or paying for hair transplant surgery, wigs and weaves are the second most popular way to help a person gain their self esteem after a hair loss experience.  Another reason as to why wigs and/or weaves could be a solution is if the particular patient is allergic to the chemicals found in the over-the-counter remedies.  With the advances in technology, a person can find a realistic wig for an inexpensive price or you can even find a real hair wig that will help to encourage your personal self esteem.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant surgery is the most permanent way for a person to get their hair back.  The hair transplanting experience is extremely simple and it is an out-patient procedure.  When you go in for a hair transplantation the doctor will remove hair from the back of your neck or the side of your head and plug them into the balding spots in order to acquire a full head of hair.  The only negative aspect to hair transplant surgery is that it can prove to be very costly if you go to certain transplant clinics.  That is why is it very important that you price check online before making an appointment.

If you have determined that hair loss is a condition that you will have to cope with for the rest of your life, do not worry because there are an abundance of treatments available for you to use.  From chemical products to hair transplant surgery, there is something for everyone regardless of your allergies or financial situation.

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