Natural Recipes for Hair Straighteners in Two Weeks

Natural Recipes for Hair Straighteners in Two Weeks–If the hair healthy, it means a healthy body externally and internally and hair in order to be a brilliant and a wonderful and attractive appearance that the body must be free from physical and psychological illnesses as scalp should be free of diseases that cause hair damage and Roughness.

And any woman who has dreamed of being a brilliant poetry and poetry of the elements of a woman’s beauty and charm and in order to have this many women resort to the use of chemical products for hair straighteners which often cause harm to the hair later.

Natural recipes for hair straighteners in two weeks

Natural recipes for hair straighteners in two weeks

1. Recipe for ingredients: Two tablespoons of each of (castor oil – Watercress oil – olive oil – coconut oil)

METHODS: Mix all oils with each other and leave for two days, then put the mixture on the hair twice a week, for 3 hours and then wash the hair with normal shampoo

2. Recipe bones. Ingredients: Two tablespoons of beef bone marrow Two tablespoons olive oilyolk

METHODS: Bone filter, then add the egg yolks, olive oil, then mix the ingredients well put your mixture on your hair for 3 hours and then wash with shampoo assigned to you.

3. Recipe Bananas. Ingredients: Four banana peel of medium-sized – tray coconut oil – olive oil tray.

METHODS. National cut banana peels and then put them with coconut oil and olive oil in a blender until blessed with good and become components homogeneous-like gel and then put them on low heat and leave for ten minutes until the boil and then leave to cool and then put them in a box and Brush your hair done just like you doing with oil bath and then to the well and leave the mixture on it for about an hour and a half and then Wash your hair with water and then wash with soap and repeat the recipe every day for a week and then twice a week and then once a week.

4. Coconut recipe. Ingredients:Coconut oil – glycerin.

METHODS. Mixing coconut oil with glycerol and then used a mixture, as do you use shampoo.

5. Recipe yeast. Ingredients: Two tablespoons of instant yeast – and coconut oil

METHODS. Mixing the ingredients together and put it on your hair and leave for half an hour and then rinse.

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