Natural Hair Care Products For African American Hair.

Natural Hair Care Products For African American Hair–Good hair products for natural hair are hard to find. The problem is, many natural hair care products for African American hair have dangerous and harmful ingredients in them that actually are damaging your hair by suffocating it or drying it out.

Learning what products are good for your hair takes time and often includes wasting money, which many of us don’t have available to us in the first place. So here you will find only products I have tried and recommend for use in your natural hair.

Natural Hair Care Products For African American Hair

Natural Hair Care Products For African American Hair

You are welcome to post comments and ask questions, and I will make a point to update this page regularly as I try new products, as well as share some of my personal hair care recipes here as well.
My favorites are in no specific order:

Aloe Vera Gel- I use this as a conditioner right after washing my hair or to make Shea-aloe cream. It keeps your hair soft & shiny. Make sure you buy the 100% aloe Vera gell which is runny and not thick like the stuff you find in stores.

Mango Oil – This stuff is great for shine and not heavy on your hair – it melts in your hand.

Sweet Almond Oil- When I wear two strand twists, I start with soaking wet hair and put this in it as I go- my twists stay shiny for days, which is great because my hair absorbs moisture and I usually have to re-moisturize it a couple times a day minimum.

Sunflower Oil- This is heavier than sweet almond oil, but I like how it makes my hair feel too. I dont use it as much as I used to though.

Virgin Coconut Oil- I hate the smell of it, but I love the shine it gives! I have found NOTHING that makes your natural hair shine like this does. The downside is that it it very light, and so it absorbs quick when you use it alone. So I usually make my own special hair cream and include this in it to get all of the benefits I look for in a hair product.

Water- I used to run from water in my hair, but now I cant do without it. Hair is thirsty just like your body, and water helps your hair stay soft and moisturized if you use it properly.

Tea Tree Oil- I don’t like the smell of tea tree oil so I usually add lemon essential oil to it to cover the strong smell. I use it to mist my hair and scalp after I have worn a hairstyle for a while or just as daily maintenance to rid off bacteria and dandruff.

Natural Black Soap- I use this for my hair and skin.

Using this in your hair strips your hair of everything so make sure you follow up with a natural conditioner or moisturizer.

And if you are allergic to shea butter, don’t use this because this contains shea butter which is part of the reason it is great at what it does!Avocado Butter- Its not good enough for my skin, but it makes my hair shine pretty good. Make sure you get it from a reputable place, some places make it and its really gritty.

Olive Butter- This is a love of mine for my skin. I put it in my sons hair when I don’t have a batch of my Coco Shea/Almond hair cream ready. It shines and softens pretty good.

My Custom Coco Shea/Almond Hair Cream- After numerous attempts to find a store bought all natural product that works wonders in my hair, I ended up mixing and making my own. It adds shin, moisturizes, and is a fluffy light cream that can be used to substitute pink oil lotion or a natural hair butter depending on how thick or thin I make it.


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