How To Keep African American Hair Healthy

How To Keep African American Hair Healthy–It is important not only that you put the right products in your hair, but also that your hair stays properly moisturized. Your hair should never feel coarse, rough, dry, or brittle – even if your hair is what you consider “nappy.” Did you know you could be using all the right products, even natural products, and still not moisturizing your hair properly? You can still have beautiful, soft, natural hair – all you have to do is keep it moisturized the right way.

If your hair is coarse, dry, brittle, or falling out – this means that you either are not putting the right stuff in it, or you are putting the right stuff in, but at the wrong time, or not often enough. So lets evaluate each situation to better help you find the solution to your hair problem.

How To Keep African American Hair Healthy

How To Keep African American Hair Healthy

Not Putting The Right Stuff In It

If your product contains alcohol, mineral oil, petroleum, or many other ingredients, including but not limited to things you cannot pronounce, throw it away! These ingredients- even the smallest amount, cancels out the good that’s in the product, so don’t even waste your time using it. This is also why you are having such a hard time keeping your hair moisturized. Even if it was something you used to use before you were wearing your hair natural – that doesn’t mean it will work for you now. And honestly, it didn’t work then.

Right Stuff In It, Wrong Time

If your hair is feeling rough you probably need to wet it before applying your product. Water also moisturizes your hair, and when your hair is dry chances are that it is “thirsty”. Our hair needs water just like our skin does to stay hydrated. Your hair will absorb more of your moisturizer after water has been applied to it first.

Right Stuff In It, Not Often Enough

Is your hair dry, brittle, coarse, rough, etc. And it seems that when you first put the product in it feels better, but as the day progresses it gets drier/dustier looking all over again? If so, you probably are not putting enough of the product in it, or not moisturizing it often enough.

Try wetting your hair at night – drench it or spray your hair lightly with a water bottle. Try them both on different days and see which works for you. Once it’s wet (or damp), then apply your moisturizer, and put a plastic cap on your head for about 15 minutes. If you go to sleep with it on – that’s not a problem, just know that you will wake up with wet hair.

If you decide to take it off before going to bed, put your hair in at least six sections of braids or twist and let it dry. If it is short – just let it air dry. If you are going to sleep put on a silk bonnet or scarf on your hair so you don’t wake up with it tangled,matted, and dry because your pillows and sheets will absorb the moisture from your hair unless they are silk.

When you wake up in the morning, depending on how your hair feels, you may want to wet it again before applying moisturizer. If you feel no more water is needed, just apply more moisturizer.

When I was just starting to wear my hair natural, I fell into all of these categories. It seemed that once I figured out one thing, I was always doing something else to throw the equation off! So don’t think that these are things that everyone know – because everyone does not know how to comb their hair. Even trained cosmetologists don’t really know how to deal with natural hair, because they are taught all about chemicals and other stuff that is usually used on chemically treated hair. So when you come in wanting your natural hair combed, they tend to do all the wrong things, and definitely use all the wrong products as well.

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