Home Hair Removal For The Legs

Home Hair Removal For The Legs–Whenever we look at magazines, the models wearing tight mini skirts always have long, thin legs, and we do hope that we have them too. However, not all of us are endowed with bamboo height, and some of us may also naturally have chubbier legs. But then again, we are still able to do that one thing, which is to shave our legs clean to get rid of the hair.

Now we have to decide on what type of methods we would like to use to get rid of the hair on our legs. There are many options.

Home Hair Removal For The Legs

Home Hair Removal For The Legs

First, you may consider the razor. Yes, get a shaving cream and a sharp razor, and you are on your way to having that clean shave. The only problem is that you may experience some bumps after shaving a few times. The hair that grows back may seem coarse, but you will still continue using this method because it is the fastest, DIY method that can give you the closest shave ever. Sure, once in a while one of those bumps are going to bleed when you cut to your skin accidentally, but you can still bear with it.

Then, someone introduced you the hair removal cream. Sounds ideal since there is no need to use the razor. You apply it on, and just wipe the cream off, with the hair falling out with the cream too. In fact, after washing it off with lukewarm wate, your skin feels a bit soft too, seems like rather pleasant. However, the hair grows back and you feel the itch. You may also have to wear long pants to hide your legs for a while because you cannot apply the hair cream again too soon, since it does not work on hair which is shorter than half a centimetre. You get impatient, and you go back to shaving.

After that, someone else gives you a packet of wax strips. The instruction is very simple, just warm the wax strips which are placed front to front against one another. When the wax is warm enough, tear the strips apart and paste the strips against your legs, wax side down. Press the wax strip down to stick on your skin and wait until the wax strip gets cold again. After that, with one quick movement, tear the wax strip from your skin (ouch!). Look at the strip, the hair on your legs have transferred to the wax strip, together with what looks like their roots. The area where you applied the wax strip is clean, except for maybe one or two stubborn hair which you may use a tweezer to pull out later. Within the packet are small packs of moisturizer which you can use to apply on your leg to remove any residue wax. After a while, the hair grows back, and there are also some in-growth, which makes things very itchy for you. You cannot wax again so soon, because you need to wait for the hair to grow slightly longer for the wax on the wax strip to ‘grip’ on for a good pull. Again, you return to the razors.

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