Effective Men’s Hair Loss Treatment

Effective Men’s Hair Loss Treatment–Are you getting worried about your hair thinning as you age? Well Hair loss doesn’t only affect the scalp; it actually affects the whole body! There can be a handful of reasons for one to experience hair loss, like hereditary hair loss or in some cases, hair loss can be attributed to medical conditions. What people don’t know is that anybody can be a victim of hair loss at any given time, men, women, even children, given the right circumstances. Men try different types of hairstyles, while others choose to undergo medical procedures just to cover up the effect of the hair loss. If we look at some of the treatments available, these treatments can be sorted out into medication and surgical treatments. Let’s take a look at a few.

Effective Men’s Hair Loss Treatment

Effective Men’s Hair Loss Treatment

Male Hair Loss Treatments: MedicationMinoxidil – The first drug approved by the FDA. During research, it was proven that people who have been taking the medication had random hair growth all over their body. When applied on bald spots, there is a great chance of hair growth as a result. This is often presented as a revolutionary concept. By the numbers, minoxidil is effective on 25% of the males who have baldness in their crown.

This medication comes in both solid and liquid forms, and is used twice a day. Hair growth continues as long as the medication is applied.

Finasteride – Proscar or Propecia as referred to in medical terms, is prescribed by doctors to halt the hair loss process and decrease the balding process as well. Finasteride usually takes as short as three months to achieve the aspired result. Studies have shown that one side effect is that after a year of using the medicine, sometimes the hair loss may recur. This is not the only drawback however; some men have experienced impotence and ejaculation disorders which can be directly related to using the medication.

Male Hair Loss Treatments: Surgical ProceduresHair transplants – This medical procedure is done by grafting the hair either from the back or the side of the scalps, then placing then on the bald spots afterwards. Among all of the treatments available, this is the most effective hair treatment method for men. This procedure has seen significant improvements throughout the years. One fact that must be brought up is that it takes a number of years before any desire result may be achieved.

Tissue expansion – In this medical procedure, tiny balloons are inserted beneath the scalps of the hair, as time goes by they regularly deflated as well. How this works is that the area of the hair enlarges by a minimum of one third percent which is then removed by a surgical procedure and the neighboring sides of the hair are pulled to the top.

Every individual should be aware of each treatment’s procedures and side effects. This is to get them to make the right decision for them to move forward with their hair loss treatment. If all else fails, buy a hat!

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