Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss–Many people are ignorant when it comes to their health with some of them not caring on the effects that come along with smoking. The answer to this question that is always asked by many people on does smoking cause hair loss is that, yes it does. In order to have the details on the effects of smoking to the hair, one has to understand the functioning of the human hair. Just like the other parts of the body, hair also grows and falls out at the same time. When it comes to hair loss, it means that the rate of falling out of the hair is bigger than the rate of growth.

This article will outline how smoking causes hair loss and the various factors in the body will be highlighted on how they are influenced.

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss

Nicotine is the main component found in the cigarettes and it has many effects to the blood that will eventually have a negative effect on the growth of hair. Nicotine increases the levels of adrenaline in the body, thus the blood pressure increases as well. The heart will be forced to beat at a very fast rate exposing the body to a stressful situation. Once the body is in a condition that is stressful, this will inhibit the growth of hair.

Another thing that is greatly affected by smoking is the amount of oxygen available for the proper functioning of the body organs. The by-product of smoking is carbon monoxide which will take the volume of oxygen in the body. Presence of carbon monoxide inhibits the oxygen circulation in the body. Oxygen is fundamental when it comes to hair growth because it will keep the hair moist and healthy.

The next factor that is influenced by smoking is the blood flow in the body. In order for hair growth to take place, there are certain nutrients that are needed, but they can only be availed through the transmission of blood. Smoking inhibits the circulation of blood, thus affecting the hair growth. Some hair has to be shed off and new one to come in, but this is not possible once the flow of blood is inhibited. Hair sheds off, but no growth takes place. This will result to hair loss at the end of the day.

Conclusion on the smoking effects

There are many effects that come with smoking though most of them cause hair loss. Smoking causes drying of the hair, thus cutting out on the moisture that is supposed to reach the scalp. Dry hair breaks very easily and sheds more than is required causing hair loss. In order for the hair cells to be produced, the environment has to be non-toxic and clean. This means that smoking inhibits hair growth because in order to make up for the negative effects of smoking, the body has to use more nutrients than required in order to facilitate hair growth.


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