Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Cost of Laser Hair Removal–Laser hair removal is increasingly becoming the preferred form of hair removal for both men and women. When considering laser hair removal, the most common question often is – how much does laser hair removal cost? And, unfortunately, there is not a straightforward answer to this question. The cost of laser hair removal varies, and is determined by a number of factors.

Those factors include the treatment area and clinic, specific pricing structures, time and number of sessions.

First, the cost of laser hair removal depends on the person. Every person has different hair growth patterns and the thickness or color of hair varies from person to person. If you are considering laser hair removal, the first step is to schedule a consultation at a clinic or salon of your choice. At the consultation, the technician will assess your hair growth and other factors to give you an idea of how many treatments you will need to achieve the desired hair removal. The number of treatments will factor into the overall cost.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

The treatment area is also a factor that is a variable for cost. For instance, if you are looking to remove hair from the upper lip, chin, or eyebrow area, this removal may only take one session, therefore costing less for the person. However, it is going to take more treatments for removal of back hair or leg hair. Often the removal of back or leg hair takes four treatments. And again, the thickness and hair growth patterns will play into the estimate for cost and the number of treatments. All of these factors will be considered when estimating cost during your consultation. And again, it depends on the individual and the specific needs and treatment areas.

It is important to have a comprehensive consultation for your laser hair treatment to understand all of the cost variables. Some of the cost variables depend on the clinic or treatment center. Unlike laser hair treatment centers that factor in individual attributes like hair growth, some laser hair removal prices are based on flat fees at a number of clinics. A flat fee may be applied per treatment or a package of treatments. Some clinics charge a certain flat fee per treatment area, regardless of hair patterns or the amount of hair. For instance, some treatment centers may charge $400 per treatment of men’s back hair or $100 per upper lip hair. The flat fees will be based on a certain amount of time and if the desired hair removal does not occur in a single treatment, you would come for another treatment at a charge of the same flat fee per treatment. Similarly, a package of treatments could be recommended to you based on the treatment area at a flat fee price per treatment.

Cost can be Flat Fee, by Time, or Fee per Pulse

Like flat fee charges, cost can also be based on time of treatments not taking into account individual characteristics like hair growth or patterns. Some laser hair treatment centers charge per time segment for laser hair removal treatments. A common time period per treatment is 15 minutes. For instance, if it takes 30 minutes to remove underarm hair, you would be charged for each 15 minute interval. Again, this cost structure does not take into account individual characteristics. But during a laser hair removal treatment pre-consultation at a center that uses time intervals for cost, the amount of time will be estimated so that you can plan and understand the overall cost.

However, in the case of a treatment center basing their cost on time, find out about the equipment used and the technician. The speed of the laser and of the technician can affect how long it takes to remove hair. If you are having treatments performed where the fee is based on time, make sure, and ask about the speed and technician. You do not want to undergo many treatments to achieve the desired hair removal when you might have been able to find a similar service elsewhere under different terms. Be sure to know the facts of your treatment center and the cost variables before agreeing to any treatments. There are many different treatment centers and types of laser hair removal techniques and equipment. All of these factors play into the overall cost of the treatments.

When investigating laser hair removal options and estimated cost, you may also come across treatment centers that charge a fee per pulse. This cost structure is based on the number of pulses it takes to remove an area of hair. When the laser is used, each zap is called a pulse. When the laser is executed, it can target an area of hair from the size of quarter inch to half inch area. For instance, if a clinic charges per pulse, they would multiply the dollar amount per pulse by the number of pulses. If it is two dollars per pulse, and you are removing upper lip hair and it takes 50 pulses that would be $100. Of course, larger areas are going to take more pulses to attain the desired hair removal. In the case that a treatment center charges per pulse, there may be a minimum pulse fee regardless of how many pulses it takes to remove the hair. The lasers vary as well. Some lasers have a larger target area and it may be more money per pulse for certain lasers. In your consultation appointment with the technician, he or she should be able to tell you what type of laser will be used and how many pulses it will take. This should give you an idea of estimated cost.

Remember, most of the time, it takes more than one treatment to achieve the hair removal. This is the most important thing to remember in terms of cost. Having a pre-consultation appointment is also the best way to determine the costs for laser hair removal, as there is no universal guideline for cost, and it often depends on the treatment center and area, types of cost structures and time involved.


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