Choosing Hairstyle for 40 years Old Woman

Choosing Hairstyle for 40 years Old Woman–When we are teenagers for 20 years, we can wear short skirts, high heels up to 12 cm, went to a nightclub with an extreme hairdo with super short bangs, colorful hair dye, and so on. Everything felt fine.

Now try to imagine you doing all these things which have entered the age of four heads and so on. Sure it feels odd. Although many say ageless, still narrow corridor of expression according to age.

May suddenly appear at the office with her hair dyed blond ponytail or two? Impressed sad because it’s too hard trying to return to adolescence.

hairstyle for 40 years old woman

hairstyle for 40 years old woman

Speaking of hairstyles in the 40s, such as what is appropriate?

And now let’s take a small experiment to get the best hairstyle for 40years old. Here are some do’s and Don’t tips that may be useful for you.

Do: Experiment at once to cover gray hair coloring that began to grow with bright hair dye color, such as blond or red, is highly discouraged. Given the age, avoid extremes and the colors are too bright.

Do: Choose colors that emit a warm, dark and clear impression of adult and professional. Moreover, the wrinkles are starting to be camouflaged with black or dark brown hair. Differences in bright colors, which actually makes your face and your skin looks pale.

hairstyle for 40 yr old woman

hairstyle for 40 yr old woman

Do not: You know how captivating Demi Moore at the age of 40 years? Long flowing hair – different from the first time, crew-cut image in the film Ghost. It’s okay if you want to keep long hair. But see first facial structure and hair type, because of thing actually makes you look older. If your face is round and the condition of healthy hair, we can recommend the long hair. But if you are an oval face and your hair is very thick, we recommend to avoid long hair styles.

Do: Instead, choose short-cropped hair or at least along the shoulder. Besides being more practical, you also look more fresh and dynamic. In addition, in the midst of a career woman as well as a housewife who must be ready 24 hours to deal with the fussiness of children, you can more easily take care of your short hair than long hair that needs extra care. You can see the beautiful hair style of Halle Berry as an example. Unsightly, impractical, and fresh, right?

best hair color for 40 year old woman

best hair color for 40 year old woman

Do not: Just as an extreme color, women aged 40 years and over as much as possible do not choose an extreme haircut which need extra energy to take care of him. Choose a simple style that lets you treat yourself at home, so the work was an abandoned house.

Do: Remain want to look stylish but with minimum care? Three pieces of Sheryl Crow and Teri Hatcher. Look very stylish and trendy with a wavy layer of hair – not a simple straight piece of plain – but just need help shampoo that can make fluffy. Or need help curling just a few minutes after shampooing, to appear more volume.

Do not: short bangs and braids looked funny and cute when applied to adolescent teens. But a woman 40 years? It is precisely the image of childish display that makes people wince. Where once you’re into that kind of ponytail hair style, it’s time to switch to another style is more appropriate.

hairstyle for 40 year old woman 2015

hairstyle for 40 year old woman 2015

Do: Which style is appropriate? Make long bangs split the middle, slightly, and mix with a rolled up like a bun of hair like the actress Cougar Town, Courteney Cox. No less style with the young, but age appropriate.

Do not: Differences with Courteney Cox, Salma Hayek hairstyles for big even make him look older. Knot structure is too excessive.

Do: As well as Sheryl Crow, Sarrah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston had a hair style is simple and timeless, good and suitable for different situations. Although at the beginning of the article suggested 40-year-old woman cut her hair short, but for those who want long hair, one should not. But like we said, must conform to the shape and structure of facial hair. Also do not be too long – maximum extent of the chest. Memorable bit messy wavy hair, cool!

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