Natural Hair Care Products For African American Hair–Good hair products for natural hair are hard to find. The problem is, many natural hair care products for African American hair have dangerous and harmful ingredients in them that actually are damaging your hair by suffocating it or drying it out. Learning what products are good for your hair takes time and

How To Keep African American Hair Healthy–It is important not only that you put the right products in your hair, but also that your hair stays properly moisturized. Your hair should never feel coarse, rough, dry, or brittle – even if your hair is what you consider “nappy.” Did you know you could be using all the right products, even

Lighten Your hair Color Safe and Natural–Hair colors are more difficult to deal with is the dark hair, whether natural or dyed, especially when it comes the desire at the opening of the color because this process is difficult and does not include the purchase of the dye only for you if you do something wrong in may harm your

Best Hair Loss Treatment Tips and Cures–The best way to treat any condition is to first isolate the cause; this is also true when confronted with hair loss.  For most people, the onset of thinning hair is met with a sense of dread.  They rush to the store and begin pulling hair loss treatments off the shelf or maybe they

Treat Hair Loss With Natural Everyday Ingredients–Dermatologists estimate that we lost around fifty to one hundred strands of hair every day. Don’t be alarmed because this is normal, your alarm bells should be ringing when you go above the number. Once you surpass the amount, that is when the thinning of your hair or bald patches start coming out –