Hair Loss in Women Over 50–About 30 million women in the United States face hair loss at some point of time in their life. Over 50% women, above 50 years of age have to put up with this problem. The type of hair loss can be permanent or it may be temporary. Often, this condition is attributed to genetic composition

Thickening Conditioner Hair Loss and its Treatment Remedies–Hair loss is a condition in which the hair growth is reduced leading to thinning hair or completely lack of hair especially on head. There can be many reasons for this but the most common ones are hormonal and genetic factors. Some hormonal changes or problems might result in it or if it

Drugs that Cause Hair Loss–Many drugs have been found to be among the many causes of hair loss. In many cases, the people that experience hair loss do not have the knowledge that the drugs that they are taking could be the cause of their problem. The doctor can opt to change the drugs for his/her patient because in this

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss–Many people are ignorant when it comes to their health with some of them not caring on the effects that come along with smoking. The answer to this question that is always asked by many people on does smoking cause hair loss is that, yes it does. In order to have the details on the effects

Effects of Organic Shampoo for Hair Loss—Organic shampoo for hair loss is used mainly to stimulate hair growth and just as the name suggests, this product contains few of the chemicals that may be harmful to the hair and scalp. Instead of the harmful chemicals, this shampoo contains more of the natural ingredients that have been found to have no

Women Solutions for Hair Loss–Both men and women who suffer from hair loss have several different options that they can look to in order to fix their condition.  They will generally have a choice between chemical treatments, artificial hair treatments, or hair transplant surgery.  There are benefits to each one of these options and so it is imperative that you