Best Hair Loss Treatment Tips and Cures.

Best Hair Loss Treatment Tips and Cures–The best way to treat any condition is to first isolate the cause; this is also true when confronted with hair loss.  For most people, the onset of thinning hair is met with a sense of dread.  They rush to the store and begin pulling hair loss treatments off the shelf or maybe they search the web looking for cures.  If you are treating the wrong cause, however, the results of your efforts could be disappointing.  It is possible that what you are experiencing is a result of alopecia aerate.

Best Hair Loss Treatment Tips and Cures

Best Hair Loss Treatment Tips and Cures

Defining Alopecia Aerate

Alopecia aerate is a temporary condition which causes hair to fall out in round clumps.  Though this generally occurs on the scalp, in some cases it can affect the eyebrows, beard or any other hair area.  The exposed skin is smooth and may burn or itch.

The causes are unknown, though it occurs more in people who have a family history of the condition.  Alopecia aerate is believed to be an autoimmune condition; an instance of the body’s immune system attacking healthy cells as if they are foreign invaders.  In this case, the hair follicle is the victim of the attack.  Most of the time hair loss caused by this condition is limited to one or two areas, though sometimes a person may become completely bald.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Alopecia Aerate

If you are experiencing symptoms of alopecia aerate you should probably consult a physician.  A scalp biopsy can be used to diagnose the condition, though a doctor may also wish to conduct blood tests to determine if any other immune disorders may be present.

There is no recommended treatment for alopecia aerate, but the encouraging news is that the hair loss is generally temporary.  Once the condition has been resolved the hair loss stops and hair generally grows back.

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