Ayurvedic Hair Removal

Ayurvedic Hair Removal–We have heard of all the technology-based products for the removal of unwanted body and facial hair. They can be fast and some boast of permanent results such as laser hair removal, but many of us may actually be thinking of the use of some more traditional methods with herbs and other natural products instead. One of the more popular traditional home treatment is the Ayurveda method, which is a popular home treatment method originating from India which is used generally for overall health improvements.

Ayurvedic treatments existed for the past few thousand years ago. The main idea in Ayurveda is to cleanse the body and to restore balance. It takes into account our body chemistry, based on three points of life forces. While the method may not be solving the problem of Hirsutism, a condition of excessive hair growth, there are still some temporary hair removal methods available. These methods are using herbal remedies, and you can find them in the Indian herbal shop or grocery store.

Ayurvedic Hair Removal

Ayurvedic Hair Removal

One formulation is very simple, using a mixture of besan and turmeric with a little water. It is used as a facial hair removal treatment, while another formulation is a mixture of haldi, besan and some curd. Another formula stated the use of haldi with gram flour and water. While these are very simple formulation, some formulas can be pretty confusing. Mix an equal part of turmeric, dried ginger, camphor, saffron, mustard seeds, ghunga grass root and gokshura. After mixing, add five parts of sarapappu and cloves, and two parts of powdered red sandalwood. All these ingredients are to be ground together into a fine powder. You need to stir a little oil and apply the paste over the unwanted hair areas for hair removal.

There is also an ayurvedic formulation for waxing. Basically, the waxing for ayurvedic is mostly sugaring, using sugar as one of the main ingredient. Just heat a small amount of water on the stove, add in some sugar and one percent of Sat Nimbo which is derived from the Indian Lilac tree. Cook the items together until it becomes a thick paste. Apply the paste to clean, dry skin and then press a strip of fabric on the paste before ripping it off, just like what you will do for conventional waxing and sugaring.

Sugaring paste can be done with some other formulation that can be done at home. One of them is to create a mix of lemon, sugar and honey, microwaved until it becomes a smooth paste. Spread the heated mix onto your leg, then press a strip of fabric on, rubbing in the opposite direction of hair growth. After that, just rip the fabric against the direction of hair growth, and it will remove the formulation together with the hair, pulling it at its roots.

The natural remedies are not going to be permanent hair removal methods, because at most they tug the hair from the roots, allowing finer hair regrowth.

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