5 Effective Ways To Lighten Your Hair Color Safe and Natural Way.

Lighten Your hair Color Safe and Natural–Hair colors are more difficult to deal with is the dark hair, whether natural or dyed, especially when it comes the desire at the opening of the color because this process is difficult and does not include the purchase of the dye only for you if you do something wrong in may harm your hair.

Offer you in this article, 5 effective ways to lighten the color of your hair natural and safe manner:

lighten your hair color safe and natural

lighten your hair color safe and natural

1. Chamomile

Mixing a small amount of henna with the amount of chamomile and boiling water into a dough and then put it on the entire hair and even your scalp and then wrap your hair and then leave for thirty minutes or two hours and this mixture well to lighten the color of your hair.

2. Herb rhubarb ” in the Department of Perfumery”

Put herb rhubarb mixture on your hair after washing with water and shampoo and before placing your balsamic then add the amount of lemon juice on your hair and go out into the sunlight and this would Strengthens your hair color.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon with honey in lightening the color of dark hair, by mixing a cup of honey with 5 teaspoons of cinnamon with a little water to make a cohesive dough, then Put them on your head and leave for 6 hours and then wash the hair with water and shampoo.

4. Lemon

Lemon plays an important role in enhancing the dark hair color, but is required to continue.To this mixture just 5 teaspoons of lemon juice with a capsule of vitamin E and then on soothes, then put the mixture on the hair for one hour, then rinse hair with warm water.

5. Hair Dyes

You can also buy hair dyes that have been made specifically for the dark hair dye give it the desired color, whether natural or dyed and can be purchased from any of these pigment shop selling cosmetics. When you want to change the color of your hair or mitigation you must have the care of his health and vitality, so be sure to use hair conditioner every time you wash the hair.

If the previous methods do not help to lighten the color of your hair properly go to hair and beauty centers are interested in hairdressing and treatment Care Center specialists because they are over the most worthy to give you what you want in it.

And bitch completely from the use of standard chemicals because they cause significant damage in your hair such as bleach or products containing hydrogen peroxide will lead to the conversion of the color of your hair to the point of copper or orange degree and would be difficult to dye my hair the way you like!

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