4 Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Women.

4 Common Causes Of Hair Loss In WomenHair loss in women occurs in about 30% of the population. Although thinning hair was normally thought of as a ‘boys only’ problem the current statistics show that female-pattern baldness is finally surfacing as a real problem for women worldwide.

4 Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

4 Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

For myself, losing my hair was an extremely difficult problem to face, mainly because of the beauty factor that is associated with long, thick tresses advertised in women’s magazines and on television. As a natural health expert I studied long and hard to drill down to exactly what causes female hair loss and below I will cover the four (4) main causes.


Certain medications can cause hair loss in women. Large amounts of Vitamin A, thyroid medications and hypertension pills have been found to be directly related to the thinning hair in females.


It’s a proven statistical fact that women eat more than men (sounds hard to believe right?) and eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia are more widely found in women. These types of un-natural eating habits can cause hair loss in women.

Unfortunately because of society’s outlook on what beauty should look like, women try all sorts of ways to fit the mole including crash dieting, guilt eating, laxative cleanses and other ways to make the look better. These types of drastic measures starve the hair follicles, which require certain vitamins to function properly.

Changes In Hormones

PCOD, Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder has been found to be directly related to thinning hair in women. Female exclusive conditions such as pregnancy and taking birth control also change the way your body works and can result in lack of new hair growth after old hair finishes it’s ‘life-cycle’.


Yes, ladies we know about stress, don’t we? Emotional stress can take a physical toll on the body, including your lovely locks. Even physical stress such as illness or fatigue can completely stop the regrowth of new hair from your scalp. In some cases it can take over a year for hair to begin to regrow after the actual stress problem is gone.

Thankfully there are now products available that can stop hair from falling out and speed up the natural hair regrowth process. Herbal, natural hair loss products allow you to take action and reverse the damage done to your hair by any of the causes noted here.

No matter what the cause of your hair loss I encourage you to review Provillus, the female-pattern baldness product I use and recommend that has worked for everyone I have talked to. I encourage you to visit their online resource site to learn all the details about reversing the effects of hair loss in women.

If you’re shopping on a budget you will be pleased to find that they are currently offering a free 2 month supply when ordering online. These types of offers come and go often so I encourage you to visit their site right now.

For some, these products merely grow hair back, for others a natural hair loss treatment gives you your life back.

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